Logistics system that satisfies labor-saving, efficiency, and contribution to the environment.
Standard marine container can be used as a clean container with BCl Lighter weight, a little over 10 kg, makes installation easy.
It can be used for various filling methods. Aside from air conveyance system, it can be used on belt conveyor or gravity dropping filling method.
Combination of marine transportation by ships and ground transportation by trucks or railway saves transportation cost.
It can be stored outside temporarily as a container.
When discharging, the container is dumped up. and the content is discharged gravity. It saves manpower and reduces discharging time compared with small bags or flexible containers.
BCL body material is polyethylene, it is an environmental friendly product since poisonous gas Is not generated when incinerated BCL can be removed easily without contaminating inside containor after discharge.
Large sized inner bag suitable for mass transportation. The most appropriate setting is suggested to meet the needs of the client.
Marine container can be used as clean sealed container by setting the large sired inner bag. It is suitable for mass transportation of fine powders, such as petrochemical products, medical products, food, and agricultural products.
    1. Compared with using smaller bags or flexible containers, manpower, time, and cost for the work can be saved, as largo volume ol filling, transporting, storing, and discharging can be done in one tim.
    2. This Is suitable for the filling delicate products, since the contents do not directly touch the container.
    3. Initial investment and running costs for special tankers or containers is reduced, as it makes used of standard marine containers.
    4. This material produces minimal amount of wastes as the only waste from one transportation is BCL only, which is less than 0.5 kg per 1 square meter of conten
    5. Film type or cloth type can be supplied depending on the needs of the client.
      • Film type: This is suitable for contamination tree contents such as the petro-chemlcal products.
      • Cloth Type: This has excellent strength, and is easy for handling
    The most optimal design can be supplied based on the inlet and dlscharlng facility of the clients