PE Film Bulk Container Liner

We design PE FILM Liners

Installing a Bulk Container Liners (BCL) made of film into a sea container makes big, clean, and closed container for transportation. BCL is good choice for mass transport of powder, granule, and grains of petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, and agricultural products.


  • Compared to small sacks or FIBCs, much massive volume of loading, transportation, storage and unloading is possible at once. It cuts labor work, time and cost dramatically.
  • Clean storage for sensitive products is available because Bulk Container Liners completely isolate the products from sea container’s inner surfaces.
  • Compared to special tank trucks or containers, initial costs and running costs are lower because Bulk Container Liners can be applied for general-purpose sea containers.
  • Disposal of waste at one time of transportation is the liner only. A Bulk Container Liners weighs only 0.5 kg per 1 cubic meter or less of content. So the Bulk Container Liners become much less waste than the other packing methods.
  • Customers can select either film or woven cloth for the material of Bulk Container Liners.

Film type :
Suitable for products which requires contamination-free packages, such as petrochemical products.